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Berzin-Usova Iryna

I am a private notary in Odesa city, I have been working in the field of notaries since 1989. I became a notary in 1995, when I received a certificate of the right to engage in notarial activities. In addition to providing notarial services directly, I am engaged in the development and improvement of notaries in Ukraine through membership in the Commission of the Notary Chamber of Ukraine on professional ethics of notaries and the Board of the Notary Chamber of Ukraine. In honor of the 25th anniversary of the Notary of Ukraine, my work was thanked by the Minister of Justice of Ukraine Pavlo Petrenko.


List of Notarial Actions:

The notary performs all types of notarial actions provided for in Article 34 of the Law of Ukraine "On Notaries", namely:

1) certification of agreements (contracts of sale, donations, loans, etc.);
2) certification of permission to accompany the child abroad;
3) certificate of application for acceptance of inheritance, issuance of a certificate of the right to inheritance;
4) certification of invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine;
5) issuance of a certificate of ownership of a share in the joint property of the spouses in the event of the death of one of the spouses;
6) issuance of duplicates of notarial documents stored in the files of the notary;
7) certification of copies of documents and extracts from them;
8) certification of the authenticity of the signature on the documents;
9) certification of the correctness of the translation of documents from one language to another (own translation of documents from English and Russian into Ukrainian without the mediation of the translation bureau);
10) imposition of a ban on the alienation of immovable property (property rights to immovable property), which is subject to state registration;
11) transfer of applications of individuals and legal entities to other individuals and legal entities;
12) issuance of a certificate of acquisition of property at public auction, if the public auction did not take place;
13) imposition of a ban on the alienation of monetary amounts that will be credited by the applicant to the claim determined in accordance with part four of Article 65-2 of the Law of Ukraine "On Joint Stock Companies" on the escrow account opened in accordance with this law;
14) certification of the fact that a natural or legal person is the executor of the will;
15) certification of the fact of stay of the citizen alive;
16) certification of the fact of a citizen's stay in a certain place;
17) certification of time of presentation of documents;
18) a description of the property of a natural person who has been declared missing or whose whereabouts are unknown;
19) acceptance on deposit of sums of money and securities;
20) making executive inscriptions;
21) protests of promissory notes;
22) committing maritime protests;
23) acceptance for storage of documents;
24) taking measures to protect hereditary property;
25) issuance of a certificate of acquisition of property at public auction.


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Certification of contracts, wills, powers of attorney

Registration of inheritance by law and by will

Removal of the ban, arrest, mortgage

Certification of copies of documents, issuance of duplicates

Authentication of signatures and translations

Certification of permission to accompany the child abroad






65009, Odesa,
Segedska str., 13


Monday-Friday: 09.00 - 18.00
Weekends: by appointment

Phone numbers:

+38 (098) 304-34-41